Paul McCartney Will Not Have Nancy Shevell Sign A Prenup

Heather Mills took Beatles legend Paul McCartney for $50 million when their marriage fell apart, yet that hasn’t stopped McCartney from refusing a prenup agreement with soon-to-be wife Nancy Shevell.

That doesn’t mean no paperwork will be filed, Shevell will sign a one-page brief guaranteeing that she will not go after the McCartney children’s trust funds should the marriage fail.

It should be noted that Nancy herself is a very successful businesswomen and the heiress to the Northweat trucking empire founded by her father Mike Shevell.

According to insiders the couple are also great together:

“They are the perfect couple. And have both had a huge impact on each other. She has once again shown him that falling in love doesn’t have to hurt. This one will last forever. She is the opposite of Heather and hates the public spotlight, plus she doesn’t need his money to live a great life.”

[img credit: AskMen]