Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife Wants The Media To Stop Referring To Her As ‘Baby Mama’ [Video]

Lil Wayne’s ex-wife wants everyone to stop referring to her as the rapper’s “baby mama.”

When Toya Wright was famously arrested last week in Georgia, headlines about her brush with the law started popping up online. Instead of referring to her as Lil Wayne’s ex-wife, she noticed several publications used the label “baby mama.” Not surprisingly, she wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way the press treated her.

According to Gossip On This, Wright decided to address the situation during a recent radio interview. Since she feels that her role in Lil Wayne’s life is much more than simply a “baby mama,” she would greatly appreciate if everyone would stop referring to her as such. If you must, use “ex-wife.”

She told Atlanta radio station Streetz 94.5:

“I totally get it… that’s the way I was introduced to the media, but it’s also a form of disrespect. I’m married, and for one I was married to him. If you’re going to say anything about Lil Wayne, don’t say baby mama cause he got like four of those. Say ‘ex-wife.’ Don’t address me as his baby mama cause I wasn’t that and I’m someone else’s wife now.”

In case you missed it, Lil Wayne’s ex-wife was recently picked up in Georgia after getting pulled over for speeding. Although some reports stated that she was arrested for unpaid parking tickets, others pointed out that she landed behind bars due to an outstanding warrant over a different traffic violation.

Whatever the case, Wright found herself in the slammer for a few hours while everything was sorted out. Her manager stated that the whole fiasco was simply a “misunderstanding” and everything was eventually settled. However, Wright said her time in jail was one of the most traumatic experiences of her entire life.

Shortly after her release, Wright spoke with the boys and girls over at TMZ. Toya said that she witnessed all sorts of inhumane behavior during her time in the system, prompting her to seriously consider becoming an “advocate of better treatment for prisoners.”

“I wouldn’t wish jail time for my worst enemy. What I witnessed was so bad that I don’t even want to leave the house right now,” she told the celebrity gossip website.

Check out Wright’s amusing mugshot below.

Toya Wright ARRESTED….For Outstanding Parking Ticket! –

— THE NWO (@THENWOBLOG) December 11, 2013

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