Pajamas Boy: Obamacare Marketing Starts Obama, Chris Christie Twitter Fight

Pajamas Boy is part of an Obamacare marketing campaign attempting to target Millennials, but apparently the pajama “man-child” has only started a President Obama, Chris Christie Twitter fight.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a family wearing pajamas rapped their Christmas card in a video this year.

When the Affordable Care Act was under debate in the Supreme Court last year, Justice Samuel Alito pointed out the youth, or those in the 18 to 35 age bracket, currently spend an average of $854 a year on healthcare. This presents a problem since the Obamacare state exchanges need at least 2.7 million American youths in the 18 to 35 age group to sign up and spend a minimum of $5,800 on average. If they don’t, the Obamacare state exchanges will fail and Obamacare will die with it.

This amazing fact triggered what some pundits labeled the War on Bros, because American youths that are too cheap or unable to insure are called Bros within the insurance world, apparently. They’re attempting to market Obamacare to that demographic in hopes they’ll sign up on (assuming, that is, it’s actually working at the moment). To give you an idea how pervasive this marketing is, I was just in a sports bar and Obamacare was part of the marketing for sports games.

So now not only does Obama want us to talk up Obamacare during Thanksgiving dinner, he’s now sicking the Pajamas Boy onto Twitter in hopes that some will be convinced to sign up pronto. What’s next… Obamacare Santa?

The ad features a twenty-something in pajamas holding a cup of hot chocolate and is labeled with: “Wear pajamas. Drink hot chocolate. Talk about getting health insurance.” The ad then links to an Obamacare advocacy website that gives tips on how to talk to family members during the holidays (can’t call it Christmas… you know how antsy government types get over that label).

In response, many Twitter users made fun of the Pajamas Boy, pointing out how silly he looks and comparing his wardrobe to a giant-size onesie. Even the hipsters are making fun of him. And Atlantic Wire‘s Alex Edelman believes that Pajamas Boy is flat-out condescending to the Millennials it’s targeting:

“The problem with these campaigns – with all the Invincible-targeted ads in the Obamacare muddle, actually – is twofold. First they don’t inform all that much…. Second, there’s very little respect for the intended audience.”

Even Chris Christie went on the attack, telling people to get our of their pajamas and start serving the community:

Do you think Pajamas Boy helps or hinders the Obamacare marketing effort?

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