Family Wearing Pajamas Raps Annual Christmas Card, Video Goes Viral

Wearing pajamas for a Christmas greeting is not what most people would do, but a North Carolina family decided to spice things up this year and in the process they turned into internet sensations.

The Holderness family of Raleigh, North Carolina, released their Christmas Jammies holiday video, which comes complete with its own hashtag, #XMASJAMMIES, to make it even more social media successful.

In the video, the family -dad Penn, wife Kim, six-year-old daughter Lola, and four-year-old son Penn Charles- are seen wearing matching pajamas that identify each member of the family.

They sing about their 2013 accomplishments -mom and Lola both completed a triathlon, Penn Charles played an Indian Chief in his recital- and also share some very personal bits of information.

By this time the viewer most likely has a hug smile on their face, from watching the pajama wearing family doing their shenanigans.

Dad Penn, has some of the biggest announcements as he shared he recently had a procedure:

“There’s room for child number three,” pajama dad sings, pointing to a stroller, before adding, “But I can’t. I just had a vasectomy.”

Is that information that everyone needed to know? At the time pajama dad made the video, he probably thought that only a few of his close family and friends would be watching it. 500,000 views later…

Kim announces at the end of the video that Penn also announced that he will quit his news anchor job.

“Going to quit his job and come work with his wife,” she says.

The pajamas family video became a hit, after friends, who liked it so much, asked for permission to share it with others.

Pajama mom, Kim Holderness talked to about the video’s appeal to total strangers:

“I think it’s a pretty honest look and a pretty ridiculous look into the craziness of a modern family. Were acting like fools and I’m guessing people like to see other people making fools of themselves.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

“The kids were shocked that we were allowing them to leave the house in their pajamas,” she said. “They had a blast.”

Pajama mom explained it took the family about half-a-day and 12 hours of editing by Penn to complete the video.

This was not the first time the Holderness have done an annual video for their loved ones, but this one will probably go down as the coolest one ever for the pajama wearing rapping family.

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