Kim Basinger Still Sexy At 60 – A Look At Her Comeliest Characters

Actress Kim Basinger

Actress Kim Basinger strutted her stuff in style at this week’s premiere event for Grudge Match, a boxing dramedy starring Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone.

Despite her interesting choice of wardrobe—a men’s suit—Kim looked gorgeous. That’s no surprise, mainly because she’s Kim Basinger.

What was a bit shocking was how shocked the headlines seem to read; most of them revolved around her age—yes, she turned 60 ten days ago—and included verbiage to the effect of “Kim Basinger, Sexy At 60.”

Ignoring the obvious fact that it’s kinda rude to discuss anyone’s age, sexy or not, Kim Basinger is one of several women who’ve proved that beauty is enduring. Jane Seymour, anyone? The former star of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman is 62 and still smokin’ hot (both Basinger and Seymour were Bond girls; hmm…). Heck, Suzanne Somers is closer to 70 and has still got it going on. Jaclyn Smith, Jessica Lange, Goldie Hawn; all still stunning, all sexagenarians.

So it’s really no surprise that Kim Basinger is still hot; Basinger’s been beautiful from Bond Girl to Batman to Bracken and now boxing. Here’s a look back at some of the comeliest characters of Kim’s career.

Domino Petachi – Never Say Never Again
One of Kim’s hottest roles comes early on (1983) in her film career in this adaptation of James Bond author Ian Fleming’s Thunderball novel. She stars opposite Sean Connery in his final turn as Agent 007. Basinger plays the lover to villain Maximilian Largo, and Bond, of course, seduces her, and then has to rescue her. There have been many Bond girls but only one sexy enough to get 007 to retire: her name is Kim Basinger.

Vicki Vale – Batman
Ah, another fan boys’ dream come true. Here, Kim plays a sexy photojournalist looking into the Caped Crusader. She also plays a love interest to both Bats and his alter-ego, Bruce Wayne, plus the object of desire for the villainous Joker. Pretty much every guy in this movie lost it for her, come to think of it. And why not?

Holli Would – Cool World
Which is hotter, real life Kim Basinger or the animated version of her in this goofy flick with Brad Pitt and Gabriel Byrne? In it, she plays a toon that tries to seduce her cartoonist in order to cross over into the real world. Holli Would… if she could. So would we.

Honey Horneé – Wayne’s World 2
The next in a long line of roles in which Kim Basinger is either a seductress or seduced herself, she tries to get Garth Algar (Dana Carvey) to kill her husband. “Take me, Garth!” “Where? I’m low on gas and you need a jacket.” Schwing!

Lynn Bracken – L.A. Confidential
Here, Kim plays a Veronica Lake look-alike call girl who gets involved with Officer Bud White and Detective Lieutenant Edmund Exley as a plot of murder, drugs and intrigue unfolds in this period thriller. “You’re the first man in five years who didn’t tell me I look like Veronica Lake inside of a minute.” “You look better than Veronica Lake.” On the QT and very hush hush.

Is Kim Basinger still sexy at 60? What do you think is Kim Basinger’s best role?