3-Year-Old Survives Five-Organ Transplant

A 3-year-old boy has survived a landmark five-organ transplant. Adonis Ortiz has been in the hospital since the day he was born. Numerous birth defects made it impossible for Adonis to eat or properly absorb nutrients. Doctors were eventually forced to replace his large and small intestines, liver, pancreas, and stomach, to spare his life.

Adonis was born with his intestines outside his body. He had his first surgery within four hours of his birth. The child survived numerous surgeries, always with a smile. Unfortunately, although the treatments were keeping him alive, other organs began to shut down.

Doctors at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital eventually suggested a dramatic solution — replacing all five malfunctioning organs. As with any transplant, there was a chance of rejection. However, Adonis’ family was willing to take the risk.

As reported by Fox News, all five organs became available from the same donor. In October, Adonis underwent a six-hour surgery to replace the organs. Two months later, the 3-year-old is being called a “medical miracle.”

Dr. Rodrigo Vianna said the chances of his body rejecting the five-organ transplant are now “under 10 percent.” The doctor said Adonis “has a very good chance to have a very good and normal life.”

In the last two weeks, Adonis celebrated his third birthday at home with his parents. Volunteers donated time and money to prepare the home for his visit. The entire home had to be cleaned and outfitted with equipment to ensure a sterile environment.


Fox 13 reports that Aracelis Ortiz is looking forward to having her son home for Christmas as well:

“With us, it’s a gift… he actually got to come this far… he actually got to get to Christmas… Every single Christmas he’s had, he’s always been in the hospital. At least he has another Christmas to celebrate.”

Adonis Ortiz’s life has been difficult since the day he was born. His family and doctors are confident that the five-organ transplant will help him live a full and happy life.