Renown Regional Medical Center Shooting: At Least Two Injured, Possibly Two More Dead [Breaking]

Renown Regional Medical Center Shooting

BREAKING – A man opened fire Tuesday at the Renown Regional Medical Center around 2:15 PM Pacific time. According to the Chicago Tribune, the man opened fire in the Reno, Nevada medical building, injuring two people and possibly killing a third person before finally turning the gun on himself.

Angela Rambo, a Renown Health spokeswoman, told the reporters that “there was a shooting at Renown. We are working with the police; the area is secured, and that is all the information that we have at this time.” There currently are conflicting reports as to how many people have been confrimed dead. Some say that two individuals, including the shooter, died. Other reports, such as CNN, are now reporting that only the gunman has been confirmed dead. The Huffington Post quoted a statement from the Associated Press that read as follows:

“Reno police say the man entered the Center for Advanced Medicine at Renown Regional Medical Center at about 2:45 p.m. with at least one firearm and began shooting. Reno police Lt. Tom Robinson says the shooter turned the gun on himself before 3 PM.”

According to the Chicago Tribune, one victim, Daranda Cone of Reno, told the Gazette-Journal she was at the hospital when the shooting happened. “I saw this woman with blood all over her being rushed past me to the ER.”

The Inquisitr recently covered the Colorado High School shooting that took place last Friday, December 13. During that incident, two people were reported injured and one person, the 17-year-old shooter, was confirmed dead from self-inflicted injuries.

Rambo told reporters in her statement that the shooting at the Renown Regional Medical Center occurred at the Center for Advanced Medicine B, an office building attached to the hospital. There is no further information at this time, but stay with The Inquisitr as more information becomes available.

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