Lady Gaga Raised Eyebrows On ‘X Factor’ UK, But Didn’t Break Any Rules [Photos]

Lady Gaga The X Factor UK

Lady Gaga may have offended more than a few people during her performance on the UK version of The X Factor, but she didn’t break any rules in the process.

The “Applause” singer’s recent appearance on the television program raised more than a few eyebrows with viewers who were reportedly shocked by her scandalous behavior. According to the Daily Mail, over 300 upset individuals called to complain about the raunchy nature of Mother Monster’s performance.

In addition to the 317 complaints media regulator Ofcom received following Lady Gaga’s revealing stint on The X Factor, the folks over at ITV reportedly received 60 extremely unhappy calls about the performance. However, the broadcaster insists that the singer’s act didn’t break any rules or regulations.

“We do not believe Lady Gaga’s performance was inappropriate for the family audience of the ‘X Factor’ results show, which has an established tradition of featuring performances from the biggest music stars,” a spokesperson explained.

The Guardian reports that Ofcom addressed the complaints it received regarding Lady Gaga’s performance, though the regulator won’t launch a full investigation into the matter. Ofcom added that the singer’s act was “at the limit” of pre-watershed acceptability.

Of course, Lady Gaga isn’t the first artist to receive complaints about her controversial performance. Both Christina Aguilera and Rihanna caused a stir with their respective appearances on The X Factor a while back. Although people were reportedly offended by their behavior, both singers were ultimately cleared of violating any broadcast rules.

In case you missed it, Mother Monster angered pearl-clutchers when she performed on the singing competition in nude-colored underwear. For those with poor vision, Lady Gaga may have appeared completely naked during her appearance on the popular program.

While some folks were clearly offended by the way she dressed, others seemed more irritated that she’s considered a legitimate musician. Several of the comments posted at the Daily Mail seemed to take issue more with her music than her choice of attire.

“It’s not the ‘raunchiness’ of that clip that offends me, but rather the absolute tripe that passes for music these days. This is one of the most highly-regarded performers of the last 10 years, somehow? I can’t get my head around that,” one unhappy individual wrote.

Check out some images from her performance below.

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