Tor Developers Working On Dedicated Browser, Hope To Help Confused Users

James Johnson

Tor, the program made famous by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is great for users who want to remain anonymous when browsing the internet, but it can also be a confusing program for new and intermediate web users to master, consisting of a stand alone program and a browser extension that if not used properly together will do very little to protect users, a problem developer Mike Perry is working to fix.

According to Perry, he's working on a stand-alone browser that is essentially a fork of Mozilla Firefox. Mike says that while Firefox and Tor work well together, developers on his side have to rely on Mozilla to fix bugs that occur in their system which can often open up Tor users to vulnerable privacy issues.

Just like the current set of tools the browser will allow users to hide their communications using a mixture of encryption and proxy servers which disguise their geographical location.

While their browser is being developed Tor developers will focus on making their downloadable bundle package easier to use with automatic configuration scripts.

Would you ditch your current browser for a Tor sponsored option?