Ashley Judd Accuses Sister Wynonna Of Putting Tracking Device On Car

Ashley Judd has accused half-sister Wynonna Judd of putting a tracking device on her car in an effort to spy on her.

In a police report obtained by ABC News, Ashley Judd said that a mechanic in Tennessee found a wireless GPS tracking device on her Mini Cooper. The Olympus Has Fallen actress believes the tracking device was put there by her older sister. The report also said the GPS was traced back to a private investigator who was “working for Wynonna Judd.” The investigator allegedly gave the tracking device to the country singer, who reportedly gave it to her ex-husband, Arch Kelley, who denied the accusation.

The police report claims that the Judd sisters are feuding, and that the tracking device was placed on Ashley Judd’s car to track her movements.

Earlier this year, Wynonna Judd said she would vote for her sister when she announced that she would be running for Senate.

“Of course I’d vote for her! I don’t agree with anything she says half the time. We’re so different. But I love my sister. I am for Ashley,” the 49-year-old said. Judd said she was also one of the first people her sister told when she separated from husband Dario Franchitti earlier this year.

“There were times when I was at such a valley, darkening of the soul, and she and Dario were there for me. and I’m there for Dario and Ashley,” Judd said. “And they’re both still as close and dear to me. And they both know it.”

The “Only Love” singer also revealed that Ashley Judd helped out when her husband, Cactus Moser, lost his leg in a motorcycle accident last summer.

“Here’s this Harvard graduate, you know, smarty-pants who’s gonna change the world,” Judd said. “She comes over to read to Cactus story after story, like she’s in the eighth grade! It was the sweetest thing because I hadn’t seen that side of Ashley in some time.”

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