Christmas Eve Deals On PSN Include ‘Borderlands 2’, ‘DmC: Devil May Cry’

The Christmas Eve deals are on their way, and Sony is getting ready for the season of giving. PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to play a variety of big games for free starting the day before Christmas.

Borderlands 2 is among the games being offered for free, one of the biggest games of 2012. It’s a light-hearted romp through a variety of wastelands where you are pitted face to face against an enemy known as the Psychos. You are a vault hunter, and it’s your job to raid the land of its treasures. Take control of such characters as the Hunter, the Siren, the Soldier, or the Berzerker as you shoot and loot your way through a game that regularly pokes fun at itself.

The second one of the PlayStation 3 Christmas Eve deals is DmC: Devil May Cry. The latest in Dante’s adventures, the reboot changes the hero into a more moody character this time around, even though the action is just as fierce and challenging as it’s always been. The reviews were highly favorable toward this latest entry.

PlayStation Vita gamers are also in luck, with a subscription to PlayStation Plus netting gems like Soul Sacrifice and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.

Soul Sacrifice is a darker kind of action adventure, in which you sacrifice everything from items to limbs in order to unleash powerful attacks and defeat monsters. You don’t grow anything back, so you have to be careful how often you use different attacks. You play the role of an innocent man about to be sacrificed, when a mysterious book appears in front of you and offers you the opportunity to live out the life of a warrior who came before you.

The PSN Christmas Eve deal BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend is a two-dimensional fighting game using traditional Japanese art styles and advanced systems such as Guard Libra, Break Burst, and Astral Heat.

Also available through your PlayStation Plus subscription for free is the PlayStation 4 title Don’t Starve. This is an action-adventure survival horror game where the goal is to live as long as you can. When you die, you receive experience points you can use to unlock other characters with different abilities.

PlayStation Plus is giving you some great deals at the end of the year, with the PlayStation 3 getting two of the debatably best free games out of the bunch. Which Christmas Eve deals are you planning to take advantage of?