Domino’s Workers Jobs Given Back After Low Wages Protest Gets Them Fired

Domino's Workers Jobs Given Back After Low Wages Protest Gets Them Fired

Domino’s workers jobs are being given back after several people were fired for being part of a protest against Domino’s low wages.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Domino’s pizza has a Domicopter unmanned drone that flies fresh pizzas to your door.

There were 25 pizza workers in New York who got into fight over fair wages for the work they were doing at their pizzeria. The store’s owner, Robert Cookston, was paying these workers only $5.65 per hour based upon receiving tips. But the Domino’s workers argued that since they performed tasks unrelated to being tipped for delivery they should be receiving the state’s minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Apparently, the New York attorney general had already been looking into the business practices of Mr. Cookston based upon prior complaints. After the employees were fired the AG office fought to get the Domino’s workers jobs back. But the law is tricky and there are several loopholes which a business may employ:

“Currently, the tip credit for delivery workers is $1.60 per hour, so they must be paid at least $5.65 per hour in wages. However, in order to ensure that the lower wage applies only to those who genuinely have the opportunity to receive tips, state and federal laws limit the amount of time a lower-paid, tipped employee may perform untipped work, such as cleaning or kitchen work.”

As it turns out, since the store is independently owned, or is not managed by corporate, Domino’s itself can’t comment on the allegations surrounding Cookston. But as it turns out the average Domino’s workers jobs pay much better than the Cookston stores:

“At our company-owned stores in New York, we do pay at least the minimum wage, plus drivers receive tips and are reimbursed for use of their personal vehicles.”

In the end, only around three percent of the Domino’s pizza stores are corporate run so franchise owners have the real power over employees’ wages. And it’s not like this controversy is limited to America. If you hop across the pond you’ll see the British are arguing over fair wages for Domino’s workers jobs, as well.

Domino’s chief executive, Lance Batchelor, argues they’re “struggling to get enough employees” due to immigration laws. But Britian’s immigration officer believes Domino’s is simply not paying enough:

“Mr. Batchelor was talking about hiring people in his particular pizza chain and it seems to me that if you have jobs available and you can’t fill them he perhaps ought to just reflect on the salary package that he is offering. He should perhaps pay his staff a little more and then he might find it easier to recruit them.”

Do you think Domino’s workers jobs should pay higher than the minimum wage?