Jack White’s Divorce From Karen Elson Finalized

Jack White, Karen Elson divorce finalized

Jack White’s divorce from British singer and model Karen Elson has been finalized.

A Nashville judge signed the divorce agreement on November 26, according to The Associated Press. The divorce agreement names Elson as the primary residential parent for the former couple’s two children, 7-year-old Scarlett Teresa and 6-year-old Henry Lee. White will have about 150 days with the children.

Jack White retained rights to all of his musical businesses, including the White Stripes, Dead Weather, The Raconteurs, and his record label, Third Man Records.

White and Elson married in June 2005 in a canoe on the Amazon River. The former White Stripes vocalist’s ex-wife, drummer Meg White, acted as the maid of honor. Even though it was White’s second marriage, wedding announcements called the union the “first marriage” for both parties. Jack White — whose real name is John Anthony Gillis — was married to Meg White for four years, and took her last name. However, in early interviews, the pair presented themselves as siblings, and Jack White referred to them as brother and sister in the 2010 documentary Under Great White Northern Lights.

Jack White and Karen Elson separated in 2011, and threw a party “to celebrate their 6th anniversary and their upcoming divorce with a positive swing bang hum dinger.” The former couple threw the party to “reaffirm” their friendship, even though it celebrated the “making and breaking of the sacred union of marriage.”

A judge granted Karen Elson a restraining order against Jack White in July. The order prohibited White from having “any contact with [Elson] whatsoever, except as it relates to parenting time with the parties’ minor children.” Elson said White has a violent temper and claimed she feared for her safety and the safety of their children. The restraining order claimed that White’s “pattern of bullying [Elson] into submission was a contributing factor in the demise of their marriage.”

[Photo credit: Mike Katzif / Flickr]