McDonald’s Customer Calls 911 Over Missing Hash Browns [Listen]

Robert Jonathan

An Arizona man called 911 when his McDonald's drive-thru order was missing hash browns.

He and his wife wound up being cited for assault and disorderly conduct after they confronted the McDonald's employees inside the Mesa, Arizona store.

Apparently, their receipt indicated they weren't eligible for the hash browns. The manager wouldn't give the couple their money back, either, prompting the wife to allegedly throw the bag of food in the manager's direction. The husband then went behind the counter to complain to the allegedly unhelpful manager directly about the customer service, or lack thereof.

"It's a meal," said Nova Smith. "Just like you should get fries with your hamburger, we should have got our hash browns with our breakfast sandwiches."

Her husband Michael admitted that the hash brown dispute could have gotten out of hand. "I just was barely able to hold myself back. And if not for the 911 call operator calling me back, I probably would have went berserk on him."

You can hear the 911 calls from Michael Smith as well the McDonald's manager embedded below.

Evidently, some fast-food customers seem to think that missing items are a police matter. For example, a Florida woman once called 911 three times to report that a Fort Pierce McDonald's had run out of Chicken McNuggets. She was arrested for misusing the 911 system. In August, a Georgia man called the emergency number because he ordered seven McDouble burgers but his bag only contained six. Police also charged him with misusing 911, a misdemeanor. Fast-food is not necessarily always involved, however. A man in the UK recently called Britain's equivalent of 911 to complain the prostitute he hired wasn't attractive enough for him. Last May, a Florida man allegedly called 911 approximately 80 times to request a home delivery of Kool-Aid, burgers, and weed.

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