Santa Claus And Airline Give Passengers Christmas Miracle

Santa Claus visited WestJet airline passengers to give them a Christmas miracle. In a special promotional video, the Canadian airline made it a very merry Christmas for their passengers.

While the holidays can bring out the worst in some, WestJet airlines really made an effort to share what Christmas is all about with their passengers. The video begins with a special retelling of the famous Christmas poem, ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas. Passengers flying from Toronto, ON to Hamilton, ON were in for a shock. As they began to show up for their WestJet flight, they were greeted by a large white Christmas present with a screen on the front.

Suddenly, Santa appeared on the screen, dressed in the airline color of blue instead of his traditional red. But this video was no recording. Santa Claus was speaking with every man, woman, and child live through the video feed. He greeted each passenger, and asked them what they wanted for Christmas. The Christmas lists included everything from big screen TV’s to socks and underwear. One little boy just wanted a Thomas the Train, “choo choo.”

As the passengers boarded the airline, they probably thought they had just experienced a little Christmas cheer to lighten the mood for their flight. What the 250 passengers didn’t know was that WestJet employees, Santa Claus’ helpers, in Hamilton were heading out to Best Buy and other local stores to create a Christmas miracle.

As they awaited their luggage from the carousel, gifts with passenger names on them started to come around. The passengers began opening their presents to find exactly what they had wished for. Even the guy who wanted socks and underwear.

What a cool idea for this airline to spread a little Christmas spirit to their passengers. Maybe Santa Claus will visit your airline next?

Watch “WestJet Christmas Miracle” Santa Claus bloopers below.