Ariel Castro’s Handwritten Confession to Jesus

Ariel Castro, who was convicted for the abduction of three woman, hand wrote a confession to Jesus before committing suicide in his jail cell at an Ohio prison.

There was some debate at the time of his death as to whether he had died from suicide or from autoerotic asphyxiation. The most recent prison report concludes that his death was as a result of suicide.

The Inquisitr reported on December 4 about the events which led up to Castro’s death:

“Some time before his death, Ariel Castro had arranged a shrine-like arrangement of pictures in his cell, together with a bible. His prison journal had been increasingly frustrated in its tone in the week before his death, as he grappled with the prospect of spending the rest of his life in jail.”

All the evidence pointed to suicide as his personal items were found in his cell, carefully placed and featuring a shrine like monument to his family. There was also a Bible, which was left open on chapters 2 and 3 of the Gospel of John.

The writings in Ariel Castro’s prison journal were analyzed by experts who also concluded that he had committed suicide. In one of his journal entries, he wrote about prison life: “I eat, brush, and go back to bed, get up, lay down, get up, lay down. This goes on all day…. I pace in my cell, meditate, stare at the walls as I daydream a lot.

Other entries show his sheer despair at his situation:

“As for me, I will never see light at the end of the tunnel, but that’s all right, it’s what I chose…. I’ve lots of time on my hands now to think and read, write, exercise. I want to make a bigger effort to try to commit to god…. I wonder how warm the cell will be in winter, for I’m very sensitive to cold draft. It literally drives me to get under the covers…. I also get depressed and don’t want to do anything but just lay here, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see when I get to that bridge….Most of the guards here are okay, but the younger ones don’t take the job seriously or they are rude to me for no apparent reason….Sometimes I drift into a negative thought, I check myself and try harder not to go there.”

Ariel Castro’s confession to Jesus won’t impress the woman whose lives he ruined by keeping them locked up in captivity as sex slaves for over a decade. We all hope everyone affected by Castro’s crimes will be able to go on to live a full and peaceful life.