Macaulay Culkin Band Named Pizza Underground Will Make Papa John’s Happy [Video]

Macaulay Culkin Band Named Pizza Underground Will Make Papa John's Happy

Macaulay Culkin’s band named Pizza Underground will probably make pizza makers like Papa John’s happy. But for everyone else… we might be scratching our head.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Macaulay Culkin broke up with Mila Kunis but after spending time living with a drug addict he was spotted at Comic-Con New York looking healthy and happy.

Part of that happiness is probably due to having a new girlfriend in actress Jordan Lane. The loving pair was spotted in Paris going out on a date and kissing. But apparently Macaulay Culkin’s new love is pizza…

The Pizza Underground is a hipster Velvet Underground parody band that can’t seem to get enough of this Italian dish. It’s almost like the cat Garfield with his lasagna, who can’t keep that cheese-dripping noodly goodness out of his brain. Think I’m joking? Here are the titles for the songs in their first album: Papa John Says, I’m Beginning to Eat the Slice, I’m Waiting for Delivery Man, Cheese Days, Pizza Day, All the Pizza Parties, Pizza Gal and Take a Bite of the Wild Slice.

And here’s a slice of their lyrics as sung by Macaulay Culkin:

“Papa John says, when answering the phone, which toppings should I say you want, we deliver now. Papa John says, Papa John says that he’d like to know why you’re giving half your pie to toppings you hate now.”

Man, this almost reminds of the most recent Family Guy episode. (No, not the one where Brian the dog dies…)

The other Pizza band members are almost all singers as well, including guitarist and singer Matt Colbourn, Phoebe Kreutz, Deenah Vollmer, and Austin Kilham. And if you don’t believe their lyrics, you’ll just love their instruments, which include a glockenspiel, a tambourine, and a pizza box. Still not kidding here…

The band apparently all sport matching black sun glasses (hence the photo) and they’ve been jamming out and recording everything at Culkin’s house.

Is Macaulay Culkin’s band named Pizza Underground just too cheesy for you?