Bob Barker Come On Down! Host Returns To ‘The Price Is Right’ For 90th Birthday

Bob Barker is back!

The longtime host of The Price Is Right returned to the set of the show this week to celebrate his 90th birthday, and a clip share by E! News shows the unsuspecting crowd going nuts.

Barker spent 35 years as host of the iconic CBS game show before turning over the reins to comedian Drew Carey.

Bob’s return also coincides with Pet Adoption Week at The Price Is Right, paying tribute to Barker’s longtime advocacy for animal rights. Barker was famous for ending every broadcast with the sign-off phrase: “Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered.”

The special attention on animals may have been a bit of repentance on the show’s part. After Bob Barker retired, he blasted the show for giving away prizes to Sea World and the Calgary Stampede, which he said glorified the mistreatment of animals.

Bob Barker even went so far as to say he was ashamed of the show after he wasn’t invited back for its 40th anniversary special.

“I don’t know why I wasn’t asked to take part in some way… But I do know I am ashamed of the show and surprised at their complete disregard for the welfare of animals,” he said. “Were I still there, a prize to attend the Calgary Stampede would never have been considered. We never did anything that condoned animal cruelty. Apparently, things have changed.”

But the show’s producers wanted Bob Barker back in their good graces, and said his birthday was a great chance to honor the longtime host.

“I was looking for the perfect reason to bring Bob back again, and this TV legend turning 90 is the perfect reason,” executive producer Mike Richards told TV Guide.

Those hoping to catch Bob Barker on The Price Is Right can tune in Thursday morning on CBS.

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