Bob Barker Ashamed Of ‘The Price Is Right,’ Didn’t Celebrate 40th Anniversary

This morning Drew Carey invited contestants to come on down during the 40th Anniversary special of The Price Is Right. Bob Barker, who hosted the show for 35 years, was not one of those invited to grace the stage.

According to the LAist, Barker was seen during some vintage clips on the 40th anniversary special but the legendary host wasn’t welcomed back on stage.

But that isn’t entirely CBS’s fault.

Despite the fact that Bob Barker is synonymous with The Price Is Right the 88-year-old host isn’t a big fan of the new show with Drew Carrey. Well, he isn’t a fan of a few of the recent prizes that have been given away on The Price Is Right.

Barker, who ended nearly every episode by reminding viewers to have their pets spayed or neutered, said that he was upset that the producers recently gave away trips to SeaWorld and the Calgary Stampede.

Barker told TV Guide:

“I don’t know why I wasn’t asked to take part in some way… But I do know I am ashamed of the show and surprised at their complete disregard for the welfare of animals. Were I still there, a prize to attend the Calgary Stampede would never have been considered. We never did anything that condoned animal cruelty. Apparently, things have changed.”

Barker added:

“They previously gave away tickets to SeaWorld in Florida where the mistreatment of dolphins and whales is just unacceptable… When that happened, I phoned various producers and [personnel] at the show and left messages but nobody would return my calls. So when the Calgary Stampede prize came up I didn’t bother calling anyone there. I just went to the press and lashed out at the show every chance I could. And I let everyone in Canada know how I felt.”

Do you think Bob Barker is right to be upset with The Price is Right?