New ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ Film Finds Its Director

Beverly Hills Cop Fourth Installment

Throughout the last few months, there has been news circulating around the Beverly Hills Cop franchise. First, we heard about the television show pilot that CBS considered and later rejected. Now, it looks like the Eddie Murphy franchise isn’t ready to go down without a fight. It’s believed that Paramount is fast tracking the fourth Beverly Hills Cop film for a full theatrical release.

Paramount has decided to enlist the talents of director Brett Ratner to head up the fourth installment of Beverly Hills Cop. If you’ve been paying attention to the franchise, then this news won’t surprise you one bit since it was confirmed that a fourth installment would be coming down the pike back in July.

Probably the most exciting news about the fourth installment of Beverly Hills Cop is that Eddie Murphy is reprising his role as Axel Foley. Surprisingly, Paramount is so interested in continuing the franchise that it signed a new three-year deal with producer Jerry Bruckheimer.

If this film takes off, it looks like there will be a whole lot of Beverly Hills Cop to go around or at least projects by producer Bruckheimer. It would make sense that Paramount is looking to cash in on the franchise after the success of Die Hard’s resurrection.

Ratner, who will direct the latest installment, had previously directed Murphy in the 2011 well received film Tower Heist.

What’s interesting about the development behind the Beverly Hills Cop installment is that it will be set in Detroit. This is a huge thing for the city, given its current bankruptcy. Having a film shoot in Detroit would definitely help the community out in a big way. The last huge budgeted film to shoot in Detroit was Oz: The Great and Powerful.

As far as plot lines go, it’s not yet known what kind of situation Axel Foley will get himself into, but if it’s anything like the last three, we’re sure it will be just as good.