Home Depot Customer Super Glued To Toilet Seat

A woman shopping at Home Depot found herself stuck to the toilet seat in the public restroom.

Originally this was assumed to be the work of a malicious prankster, but there is some suggestion that the victim may have super glued herself.

The sticky situation occurred at the Home Depot store in Georgia on November 27.

The Banks County Sheriff’s Department responded. Paramedics also were called to the scene who removed the toilet seat from the woman’s behind and transported her to a local hospital.

The store manager told officers that all three toilets in the women’s restroom were apparently covered with glue. The manager found a bag containing a bottle of the construction-grade glue left in the restroom and turned it over to the police for evidence. Each toilet seat was valued at $20.

This very unpleasant and humiliating prank is still under investigation by authorities. No suspects have yet been identified. In a press release, the Sheriff’s Department said in part that “When deputies arrived, they found that [the] female had been injured by being glued to a toilet seat located in the ladies restroom inside the business. The female was removed and transported to Northridge Medical Center.”

According to the latest update to this story, however, law enforcement authorities suspect the victim may have done it to herself. ” ‘Investigators reviewed video footage and no one else entered the bathroom in a reasonable amount of time to have done it,’ Deputy Sheriff Carissa McFaddin said Friday. ‘There is no evidence to show that someone did it besides who was in there.’ ”

This not the first time that someone left glue in a public bathroom. As The Inquisitr previously reported for example, a woman was taken to the emergency room last year after inadvertently sitting down on a Walmart toilet seat covered with superglue. It took police and EMTs more than an hour to remove the seat from her rear end.

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