LeBron 11 Shoes For Christmas? Not For LeBron James

If you’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for LeBron James, don’t get him his signature Nike shoe, the LeBron 11. The Miami Heat star is not happy with the feel of the new shoe that carries his name on it.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that Lebron James has only worn his new shoes for an entire game twice this season. In fact, he dislikes the way the shoes fit him so much, he has returned to primarily wearing last year’s model, the LeBron X.

According to a report by ESPN.com the dissatisfaction has nothing to do with the look, but the way the 4 time NBA MVP’s six-foot-eight, 250 pound frame gets up and down the court. LeBron told ESPN on Thursday night before the Miami Heat’s matchup with the Chicago Bulls, “I just want to be able to wear them. It has been a frustrating process. But obviously, I know that Nike wants to do what’s best. They’re not going to put me out there in harm’s way. So we’re redefining the shoe to fit what’s best for my foot.”

Nike and LeBron are currently working on a redesign for the shoe that should be finished in the next couple of weeks. At that point LeBron plans to switch back to the LeBron 11.

“I could wear them, but they don’t feel as great as I want them to feel,” James said. “So we’re redefining them, and I feel like this next round is going to be perfect.”

In spite of LeBron’s disapproval, the shoes are still doing great and are expected to be a big item this Christmas. The $200 LeBron 11 sneakers are up 18% so far this season compared to sales of the LeBron X over the same period a year ago, according to SportsOneSource. Revenue collected from the 11s are up 35% over that period, owing in part to the slight price increase.

Obviously, Nike would like to have great sales and their number one shoe endorser wearing his signature shoe. But unless some necessary changes can be made, get LeBron last year’s model for Christmas.