Miley Cyrus Celebrates Christmas By Twerking On Santa Claus

Miley Cyrus celebrated the holiday season by twerking all over poor Santa.

Since the singer apparently can’t do much of anything without rubbing her rump on someone, Cyrus decided to dip into her old bag of tricks at KISS FM’s Jingle Ball in Los Angeles. This reportedly involved the former Hannah Montana star twerking on Santa.

According to Metro, Miley Cyrus instantly found her name added to the naughty list by getting down and dirty with Santa while wearing a cop top and a very short pair of pair of “knickers.” The singer also had her tongue sticking out, suggesting that she is officially running out of new things to do for our amusement.

Miley Cyrus also celebrated the occasion by tweeting a picture of herself standing with the “Bad Santa” in question. True to form, the image features the singer grabbing the guy by his “candy cane,” if you get our drift. Curious parties can investigate the photo in all its holiday glory below. Children, please look away.

While some people have a problem with Cyrus’ antics — she recently made GQ magazine’s Least Influential 2013 List — other folks think she’s the greatest thing since, well, Madonna. Canadian duo Tegan and Sara apparently love the singer, going as far as to tell NME that she’s this generation’s version of the Material Girl.

“She’s this generation’s Madonna – a hugely talented pop star with agency over her body and sexuality, which terrifies people. And she’s constantly switching up between sounds. ‘Bangerz’ is part electro, part country, part rap, all incredible,” Sara Quin recently told the publication.

Quin feels that Miley Cyrus’ confidence “terrifies” her critics. In Sara’s humble opinion, the “Wrecking Ball” singer shouldn’t let all of the controversy get in the way of becoming this generation’s number one pop star.

Another person who recently came to Miley’s defense is her sister Brandi Cyrus. She recently told Nationalist Magazine that she learned how to deal with the public by watching how her younger sister deals with the endless media attention.

“She is so true to herself and 100 percent authentic. Which is a rare trait to find in people in general, but especially in the entertainment industry where everyone is held to such unrealistic standards and trying to make an impression and be perceived a certain way,” Brandi told the publication during her interview.

Ready to see Cyrus with Santa? Have a look at the pic below.

What do you think about Miley Cyrus twerking on Santa Claus?