Taco Bell Wants To Conquer Breakfast, Plans New Mobile Ordering Platform

Taco Bell really wants to conquer the breakfast market over the course of 2014. The company is also plotting to unveil a brand new mobile ordering platform that could theoretically revolutionize the fast food experience.

Yum! Brands held its annual Analyst Day on Wednesday (December 4), an event that found the company discussing a number of new and interesting ideas about KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell that executives want to roll out next year.

In addition to opening approximately 1,850 new restaurants across the globe, Yum! also plans to craft a new mobile platform that allows KFC and Taco Bell customers to place orders and pay for their food from a number of popular devices.

According to the folks over at QSR Web, a few Taco Bell locations already have the mobile ordering platform in place. However, the company intends to expand this service to a significant number of restaurants over the course of 2014.

“Mobile is a huge opportunity. We’ve developed an amazing breakthrough mobile [platform] where you can order, pay and have loyalty. It’s a huge growth platform,” Taco Bell CEO Greg Creed explained.

This service should definitely appeal to those individually who aren’t exactly into casual human engagement. Instead of dealing with another person when crafting their order, Taco Bell and KFC customers can place and pay for their purchases before they ever set food inside one of their neighborhood locations.

In addition to expanding on their Cantina Bell and $1 offerings, Taco Bell will also focus on its growing breakfast menu over the course of next year. Since the company has a number of unique items up for grabs, Creed firmly believes the fast food chain could emerge victorious in the battle for your early-morning hunger pangs.

“Our greatest growth opportunity is with breakfast, and we think we’ll win for three reasons: We have the right products (waffle tacos, a.m. crunch wraps), the right pricing and positioning, and everyone is enthusiastically behind it. We’re just growing our total business,” he explained at the recent event.

According to the International Business Times, Yum! intends to make some alterations to its global strategies next year. This includes some changes to its approach to the Chinese market, a territory that clearly presented a challenge for the company this year.

“We expect to have a strong bounceback in 2014 following a year that is clearly below our high expectations. In China, we have an aggressive plan to reignite sales at KFC,” YUM! CEO David Novak said in a recent press release.

Do you spend a lot of money at Taco Bell? What do you think about the fast food chain’s focus on its breakfast menu and the upcoming mobile ordering platform?

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