Taco Bell Keeping Michigan State Basketball Promotion

Taco Bell will continue giving free tacos to Michigan State Universal basketball fans.

The fast food restaurant caused something of a panic when word started to spread that Spartan fans wouldn’t receive some free food whenever the team scored more than 70 points. According to MLive.com, the promotion was a tradition in and around East Lansing for several years. However, that didn’t seem to matter much to the company.

News of Taco Bell’s decision to cancel the offer arrived courtesy of MSU associate athletic director Paul Schager earlier this week. Those who visited participating locations with a ticket stub for a free taco were reportedly out of luck.

“The sponsorship agreement with them ran out and they decided not to renew it, although it was a fan-favorite and something very positive and very popular,” Schager recently explained.

He continued, “We did our best to convince them to continue the deal, but they opted out this year. The store managers in the area were very supportive of it because it drew good business for them, but it was a corporate decision.”

However, USA Today reports that 10 Taco Bell locations in East Lansing will keep the promotion alive for Michigan State University basketball fans. As long as the Spartans score over 70 points and you attend the game, the free taco is yours for the taking.

The company said in a statement:

“Our local franchisee is grateful for the passionate Taco Bell fans at Michigan State University and is exploring exciting new partnerships with MSU Athletics. As a thank you to fans, customers with an MSU basketball game ticket can still get a free taco at the locations below for the remainder of the season when the team scores at least 70 points.”

Not surprisingly, some Michigan State Universal basketball fans were a little upset about Taco Bell bidding farewell to the basketball promotion. You can find a handful of Twitter reactions to the news and the reinstatement below.

What do you think about Taco Bell bringing back the Michigan State basketball promotion?

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