Emily Graslie Responds To Sexist Comments From Fans

Emily Graslie is an intelligent and well-respected science reporter for The Brain Scoop. The program, which is presented by YouTube, is an educational series that explores some of the more interesting aspects of science.

As a volunteer at the Philip L. Wright Zoological Museum, Graslie developed a keen interest in biology and natural history. Following a guest appearance in Hank Green’s VlogBrothers, she was offered her own YouTube channel, which focuses on taxidermy, biology, and natural history.

The Brain Scoop debuted in January 2013. Within months, the channel gained more than 140,000 subscribers. Through her online program, Graslie was eventually recognized by the staff at Chicago’s Field Museum.

The 24-year-old web blogger was approached by the museum and offered a position on the staff. However, the museum did not have a specific position in mind. Instead, they allowed Graslie to create her own title. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, she is now the Field Museum’s first and only Chief Curiosity Correspondent.

In addition to her YouTube channel and her work with the museum, Emily Graslie is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Museum Studies from Johns Hopkins University. Although she has attracted numerous fans, the 24-year-old is disturbed by an increasing amount of sexist comments.

Jezebel.com reports that Graslie has received numerous e-mails, messages, and comments, suggesting that her clothing and glasses are far too conservative. Her “fans” have suggested that she wear more revealing clothing, more makeup, and find some “sexier” glasses.

Graslie finds the comments disturbing, as they focus primarily on her appearance. By discounting her knowledge and passion for science, her fans are undermining her work. The science reporter responded to the sexist comments with a powerful statement:

“… these are serious issues that need to be discussed. We can’t idly sit by and tolerate internet bullying in any form. Because that’s what this is. This is internet bullying.”

She continued her statement, explaining how frustrating it is to be judged by appearance alone:

“We need to make sure we’re making it possible for people of all genders to feel acknowledged for their contributions and not feel held back by something as arbitrary as their genetics or appearance.”

At the age of 24, Emily Graslie has made great strides in a career that she loves. She simply wants to be recognized for her hard work, not the way she looks.

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