Victoria’s Secret Black Friday Brawl Under Police Investigation [Video]

Was it Victoria’s Secret or Fight Club?

Police are investigating a Black Friday melee that occurred at the Victoria’s Secret lingerie store in Annapolis, Md.

The Westfield Annapolis Mall incident was — of course — captured on cell phone video and uploaded to the Internet.

Presumably Victoria’s Secret would be considered a bastion of femininity, but not so much on Black Friday when two women allegedly stomped a teenager shortly after midnight when the store opened its doors to bargain hunters.

According to NBC News Washington, “The 17-year-old told police one of the women approached her and accused her of having assaulted her. The teenager told police she had never seen either of the women, but one punched her in the head several times and pushed her to the ground and a second jumped on top of her and also threw punches.” The victim apparently suffered bruises as a result of the altercation but was not seriously injured.

Of the Victoria’s Secret brawl, a spokesman for the Anne Arundel County (Md.) Police suggested that it was unclear what or who precipitated the fight: “We know at a minimum there was an assault. We’re trying to get to the bottom of who the aggressor was.” Authorities are urging any witnesses or those with information about and/or additional videos of the Victoria’s Secret fight to come forward to assist in the investigation. Detectives have released images of two persons of interest in the incident that they want to question.

Another police official commented that “It’s a lot of people. You’re going to get bumped into. You’re going to get stepped on. It’s going to happen, but we need patience. This is unacceptable. Unacceptable.”

Suspects in an incident of this nature could face various charges including assault and disorderly conduct.

Across the country, various violent acts in retail stores and malls occurred on Black Friday, which generically has been dubbed “Brawlmart.”

In Philadelphia, one women alleged used a taser on another shopper as they fought each other in a shopping mall in the early morning hours of Black Friday.