Dancer Acid Attack Puts Three Men In Prison, But One Didn’t Plan The Crime

A dancer’s acid attack against a ballet director put three in prison, but one of the three men didn’t even know the others planned on using acid.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Muslims threw acid on British teenagers for singing during Ramadan, and police eventually caught the two suspects.

A ballet director named Sergei Filin at the Bolshoi was attacked by one one of the dancers because of the “negative atmosphere” in the theater, which was blamed on Filin’s management style. Several members of the dancing troupe were allegedly driven to tears during heated conflicts with the director. In response, Filin’s email was hacked, his car tires were slashed, and he received intimidating text messages.

The man primarily responsible for the dancer acid attack is named Yuri Zarutsky, who is apparently an ex-convict. A driver named Andrei Lipatov, who conspired with the other two men, got four years for being part of the crime. Filin was partially blinded by the acid attack and all three men have been ordered to pay $106,000 in restitution.

But although the judge found Pavel Dmitrichenko guilty of making plans to attack Sergei Filin, and sentenced him to six years in prison, he apparently didn’t know about the plans for the acid attack on the director:

“Dmitrichenko said he was shocked when he heard about the acid attack in the news and told Zarutsky they should surrender to the police. He testified that Zarutsky told him to keep silent and threatened to launch a similar attack on Dmitrichenko’s ballerina girlfriend if he went to the police.”

Although the judge accepted that Dmitrichenko wasn’t directly responsible for the dancer acid attack, and even Filin didn’t make that accusation, he was still given a harsh sentence because he’d conspired to beat up the director and even gave Zarutsky the home address for Filin. But Dmitrichenko says he’s “not guilty” although he admits to a “moral responsibility” for speaking badly of Filin in front of the man who actually committed the crime.

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