Farrah Fawcett Was 'In Shock' When She Caught Ryan O'Neal Cheating

Farrah Fawcett's name was featured in an L.A. court on Monday in connection with the Andy Warhol portrait case. The case revolves around the fact that she once caught long-time lover Ryan O'Neal, in bed with another woman.

O'Neal, who was in court, was forced under oath to recount what had taken place at the time. When he was asked how angry Farrah Fawcett was when she found him cheating, he said that she wasn't angry, but was hurt.

He was found out when Fawcett arrived at his residence in Malibu to find him in the throes of passion with then 25-year-old Leslie Ann Stefanson. He said that after she caught him red handed: "she was in shock."

The case sees the University of Texas suing O'Neal for $12 million for an Andy Warhol image of Farrah Fawcett which she bequeathed to them, but which O'Neal kept after her death in 2009.

The University says that the painting was hanging on O'Neal's wall when Farrah caught him cheating and that she it took it back. O'Neal is claiming that he simply asked that Farrah take the painting back to her place as it was a turn-off for his sexual partners.

In his words O'Neal claims that he asked Farrah Fawcett: "Will you store my Warhol because it is making my girlfriend uncomfortable."

He maintains that the piece always belonged to him: "Well, I think mine is better — that was my way of being funny," O'Neal said about how they got the paintings in the first place: "The paintings had traveled back and forth between our houses [over the years]," he said.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the Farrah Fawcett portrait case will be as lawyers battle it out in the courtroom for a decision.