Brett Favre Advised Sean Payton On Custom Earplugs For Offense

Brett Favre gave the New Orleans Saints some sound advice for their Monday night game against Seattle Seahawks at the the CenturyLink Field. That advice was that they should wear earplugs in order to drown out the din of the deafening Seahawks fans.

Saints coach, Sean Payton, recalled that Favre had himself used earplugs to block the ear-busting noise in the 2009 NFC championship game in New Orleans. When he contacted Brett Favre for more advice he was told that the earplugs he had used were custom-made.

Payton then went ahead and had all his offensive players measured up before ordering 20 pairs of earplugs for them. Payton said the custom-made plugs were very effective and that the players "loved them."

Lisa Salter from ESPN, reported that: "Favre shared with Payton that the Vikings had designer noise-reduction earplugs custom-made for that game, and Favre said it really helped. So, Payton ordered up 20 of those earplugs."

He explained that they can still hear calls from the line but the sometimes deafening racket from the fans is subdued, making them more focused on their game. Sadly, the earplugs didn't help much in reality as the Saints lost the game.

Apparently the players had a couple of practice games to get accustomed to their new earplugs, even if they didn't help the team secure a victory.

Do you think that earplugs, custom-made or otherwise, are an effective measure for teams to take to ensure they don't get distracted by the huge noise levels at games?

Especially considering the record breaking noise levels which were recorded recently at the CenturyLink field. Share your thoughts on the matter in the comments feed below.