Jennifer Aniston Spends Holiday With Another Man Amid Relationship Rumors

Jennifer Aniston had singer Ed Sheeran over to celebrate Thanksgiving last week, apparently. You know, no big deal.

Yeah, as far as Jennifer Aniston gossip goes, that's about as juicy as a cotton ball sandwich on dry toast, but we work with what we're given. And besides, it didn't stop the rest of the Web from running rampant with it.

Good ol' Yahoo offers a full five pages of results dedicated to that particularly cosmically-insignificant celebrity datum, boasting hits from gossip industry heavies Us Weekly, People and E! Online to ostensibly respectable journalistic outlets like ABC News.

Apparently the big deal about this bit of Jennifer Aniston news is that no one knew the two were friends (the word "unlikely" was used often). The groundbreaking update was first brought to the world's attention by Jennifer Aniston's manager, Aleen Keshishian, via Instagram (tragically, that's a dead link). Most of the reports go something along these lines:

While vanilla and a trifle boring, it's at least a change from the usual Jennifer Aniston fodder. Not a single one of those articles mention Jennifer Aniston's fifth pregnancy of the year or her rumored/alleged/maybe/possibly/ish breakup/reunion/estrangement/engagement/pillow-fight with fiance/husband/lover/ex/conjoined-twin Justin Theroux. And, we're proud to note, none of them used vague headlines to cast aspersions about Jennifer Aniston's personal life in order to lure hapless gossip hounds and celeb addicts (*cough*). Heck, there was nary a mention of the Apocalyptic implications and global importance of Jennifer Aniston's haircut (which looks awesome, by the way).

What do you think of the shocking revelation of Jennifer Aniston's friendship with Ed Sheeran? What does it mean for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux? Would you rather spend a holiday with Jennifer Aniston or Ed Sheeran?