Lindsay Lohan In ‘GTA 5’? Actress Sues Over In-Game Likeness

Lindsay Lohan claims GTA 5 used her likeness without permission, and has decided to sue Rockstar Games.

Could Rockstar be stealing more than virtual cars now? The Canyons actress has apparently noticed a few things in Grand Theft Auto 5 that brought out her ire. This isn’t the first time that Rockstar allegedly used something without permission, as The Inquisitr previously reported rapper Daz Dillinger suing Rockstar for using his music without proper payment.

The images in question begin with a girl on the cover whose likeness has previously been linked to Kate Upton and Shelby Welinder. She is seen in a bathing suit, holding a phone and throwing out a peace sign. Lindsay Lohan allegedly believes the picture is based on her, but that’s not the only likeness possibly used in the game.

GTA 5 allegedly cheats Lindsay Lohan’s likeness in various missions as well, one of which has someone who looks like her asking the player to take her home in order to avoid the paparazzi. This does seem like something LiLo would have done in her pre-rehab days, especially after the episode where she hid under a table to avoid taking pictures with fans.

Lindsay Lohan may have discovered herself lampooned once again in a mission where a character looking like her is about to have sex. The player has the objective to photograph the activity, a scenario which somewhat mirrors her scene with Charlie Sheen at the beginning of Scary Movie 5. What seems even more fishy is that the scene takes place at a location which resembles the Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood, a place where she has been known to actually live, and has visited frequently.

Lindsay Lohan is demanding Rockstar pay her a lot of money for using her likeness in the game after noticing things which haven’t been revealed yet. Her lawyers are reportedly drawing up the paperwork already.

Could Rockstar have used her likeness and other things without permission in GTA 5, or is Lindsay Lohan jumping to conclusions?

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