Roseanne Barr Goes On Twitter Rant, Admits To ‘Mental Issues’

It appears actress Roseanne Barr felt some kind of way earlier today, and she had no qualms about expressing her feelings. As a matter of fact, she took to Twitter to share those feelings of disdain with more than 200,000 followers. While the stand-up comedian is widely known for her wry sarcasm, there was absolutely nothing sarcastic about her irritability today.

Barr fired off at a number of Hollywood executives, film studios, and notable CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper. Barr also went on to bash Hollywood women in general. All of Barr’s ‘drunken’ tweets were laced with raw expletives and epithets.

But why? Barr claims that networks and distributors are constantly scrutinizing and ripping her work to shreds. She claims her development deals all derive from preliminary concepts she’s created, but things never seem to go as she would expect.

Barr explained that by the time her ideas have been passed through so many hands, there are no remnants left of her initial concepts. Her frustration was evident, and her words were definitely blatant.

Things have gotten quite uncut on Barr’s timeline over the past 24 hours. But the real fireworks kicked off with Barr’s drunken tweets late last night. Those tweets have since been deleted.

“I’ve ben disrespected and ripped off by Hollywood. f*** hollywood. f*** every stupid p***k there. Misogynist classist white colonial f***,’ she wrote, ‘f*** these hollywood anti semite b*****d jewish women loathing f***tards… the women in hollywood cannot fall to their knees to suck d*** fast enough.'” While her statements were quite brash, she wasn’t quite done. She had even more to say just a couple hours ago.

Barr took a moment to briefly break down her most recent deal and its development process. According to Fox News, Barr was signed on to co-write for NBC’s new sitcom, “Nurse Jackie.” She explained that showrunner Linda Wallem was avoiding her, and didn’t return any of her calls for almost two months.

Instead of just telling her they were no longer interested in working with her, they avoided the situation and removed nearly all of the creative content she provided. However, Barr claims the foundation of the show was built on the concept of “her brand.”

The 61-year-old also went on to share her ‘mental issues,’ and lack of patience where development deals are concerned.

While the development deal was a bust, and she’s still enraged, it’s clear that she’s obviously not throwing in the towel just yet. Barr went on to announce that her new Internet show will be about the development process that prompted the Twitter rant.