Obamacare Website ‘On Track’ To Meet November 30 Deadline, According To Officials

The troubled Obamacare website, also known as Healthcare.gov, is “on track” to meet the November 30 (today) deadline self-imposed by President Obama as the date in which the glitches that affect it will be fixed.

However, since making the announcement of the deadline, administration officials, including the President, have refined the terms of the fixes to the site saying it will work for “the vast majority” of people.

“With the scheduled upgrades last night and tonight, we’re on track to meet our stated goal for the site to work for the vast majority of users,” Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services spokesman Aaron Albright said in a statement to Fox News.

According to The Washington Post, the administration is prepared to announce on Sunday that the Obamacare website is running smoothly, meeting the promised deadline.

The Post reports officials as saying the troubled website will be able to handle up to 50,000 users at a time but, with high numbers of enrollments needed on a daily basis, it remains to be seen if the Obamacare website will be able to handle the traffic.

Technicians have failed to fix at least some of the glitches, according to the newspaper.

In contrast with past promised deadlines, the administration and the Department of Health and Human Services have tried to lower expectations for the Obamacare website at every turn and have insisted the page will not be glitch-free.

“If there are extraordinarily high spikes in traffic, which exceed the site’s capacity, consumers will be put in a new, advanced queuing system that will give them an expected wait time, or allow them to be notified via when they can return to the site,” CMS spokeswoman Julie Bataille said on Monday.

Both Democrats and Republicans will be watching the developments with the Obamacare website to see if it lives up to expectations.

Republicans have already told Democrats who are up for re-election in that they will link their candidacies to the failed website.

This turmoil comes as the 2014 mid-term election happens in the middle of the healthcare reform battle.

Republicans have accused Obama of playing politics when the administration announced that open enrollment for 2014 was delayed until after the mid-terms.

The opposition claims Obama is afraid that consumers’ premiums will spike, giving customers “sticker shock” and thus putting in jeopardy Democrats’ chances of claiming open seats in the legislature and governorships around the nation.

Have you used the Obamacare website? What has been your experience?