Your Thanksgiving Dinner Is Probably The Equivalent Of 7 Burger King Whoppers

The average Thanksgiving dinner is reportedly the size of seven Burger King Whoppers.

When you’re chowing down on your turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and everything your family brought along this holiday, keep in mind that you’re probably stuffing around 4,500 calories into your face. According to ABC News, that’s roughly, 2,500 more calories than the average person eats in an entire day.

In addition to all of those extra calories, you’re also getting a lot more sugar in your Thanksgiving dinner. While there are ways to avoid this annual calorie bomb, moderating how much food you put on your plate is probably the safest away to avoid serious pangs of regret the next morning.

Although ABC News offers up a few healthy alternatives to Thanksgiving staples, chances are people aren’t going to swap out candied sweet potatoes for mashed potatoes and gravy. To avoid eating the caloric equivalent of seven Burger King Whoppers, don’t overindulge or gorge yourself on everything that’s sitting on the table.

Dietitian Frances Largeman-Roth told Time:

“Thanksgiving is a holiday and it’s meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it. But there’s a difference between tasting everything that you want and gorging yourself. Yes, it’s fine to eat more than you would at a typical meal, but it’s much better to stay in the 800 to 1,000 calorie range than the 4,500 calorie range, which is as much as most women would need for two and half days.”

Your Thanksgiving dinner might also have the same calories as nine large fries from McDonald’s, two medium pepperoni pizzas from Pizza Hut, or 16 boxes of popcorn shrimp from Long John Silvers. However, don’t let these numbers prevent you from enjoying a good meal with your loved ones. Seriously — dig in and enjoy.

If you want to literally chow down on seven Burger King Whoppers on Thanksgiving, then the option is certainly available to you. According to the Los Angeles Times, BK is among the handful of restaurants that are open during the holiday.

Not only are select Burger King restaurants open for business on Thanksgiving Day, participating McDonald’s locations will serve up Big Macs and fries to anyone who isn’t in the mood for turkey and stuffing. Select Pizza Hut restaurants are also reportedly offering up slices to folks who want something a little different.

If fast food isn’t your thing, then try your local neighborhood Boston Market for a turkey dinner. Other restaurants that are open on Thanksgiving include Denny’s, HomeTown Buffet, IHOP, Mimi’s Cafe, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Sizzler. Of course, eateries in your area may decide to take the entire day off.

Are you surprised that the average Thanksgiving dinner is the equivalent of seven Burger King Whoppers? Do you really care how much you food you consume over the holiday?

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