Juicy J Stops By ‘The Arsenio Hall Show,’ Teases Three 6 Mafia Reunion

Juicy J recently teased a Three 6 Mafia reunion during his stop on The Arsenio Hall Show.

Since fans would love nothing more than to see the rapper get back together with the group that helped put him on the map, the question of a possible reunion came up during his chat. Although nothing is set in stone as of this writing, Juicy J definitely seems down for it.

“Hopefully, yes. I love those guys so yes,” the rapper explained during his appearance.

Before you and your friends start planning a Three 6 Mafia reunion party in your neighborhood, it’s probably best to see how this scenario plays out. Juicy J is definitely interested in squashing their differences and getting back together.

BET reported earlier this year that the group was getting together under the name Da Mafia 6ix. Since Juicy J isn’t a part of the new album and tour, the members decided to change up the name since they’re moving forward without one of the founding members on the roster.

“We can’t consider it a Three Six Mafia reunion without all the members being in it so we’ll just say that it’s a reunion of members of the Mafia that created a totally new group called Da Mafia 6ix,” DJ Paul explained.

According to Vibe, Juicy J toned down his performance of “Bounce It” during his recent appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show. However, this didn’t stop the rapper from running through the crowd tossing money into the air. You can take the guy out of the strip club, but you obviously can’t take the strip club out of the guy.

Curious to see the rapper’s performance on Arsenio Hall’s new chat program? Take a good look at the family-friendly clip embedded below.

Here’s Hall and Juicy J having a brief conversation on the show.

If you’re still worried about the beef between Juicy J and Yo Gotti, then you can rest easy this Thanksgiving. After a brief misunderstanding, The Inquisitr reported that the rappers apparently have worked out their differences.

“I actually spoke to him like probably an hour or so after the tweet and we got on the phone and chopped it up. I talked to his brother, Project Pat, too. We chopped it up, ” Gotti said.

He continued, “I just basically wanted to let him know, ‘Look homie, I ain’t got nothing against you, so when we’re in the same facility, security don’t have to be moving like I’m trying to do something to you.'”

Do you think Juicy J will get back together with Three 6 Mafia?