Juicy J, Yo Gotti Squash Their Problems

Although Yo Gotti was a little irritated by Juicy J and his recent behavior, the rappers have reportedly worked everything out. According to Gotti, the pair resolved their differences.

The rappers, who both hail from the streets of Memphis, haven’t seen eye-to-eye in recent days. Since Juicy J was reportedly avoiding Yo Gotti at every possible turn, the rapper decided to address the situation on Twitter. Shortly after the tweets went out, the two made contact and reportedly squashed their issues.

During a recent interview with MTV News, Yo Gotti said he recently got in touch with Juicy J to sort everything out. If there was any bad blood between the Tennessee natives, it’s all water under the bridge now.

“I actually spoke to him like probably an hour or so after the tweet and we got on the phone and chopped it up. I talked to his brother, Project Pat, too. We chopped it up. So we good,” Gotti explained.

The rapper continued, “I just basically wanted to let him know, ‘Look homie, I ain’t got nothing against you, so when we’re in the same facility, security don’t have to be moving like I’m trying to do something to you.'”

Although Yo Gotti attempted to squash the problem with Juicy J through Twitter, the rapper isn’t exactly a fan of the internet and the fake fools who use it. According to HipHopDX, Gotti believes people “forget the code of the streets” when they talk smack on social media.

He explained:

“Gangtas ain’t supposed to talk. The internet done changed a lot of things, and I’ve watched so many n****s portray themselves as gangstas and use that name in vain. They talk about they’re hood or this and that, but to me all that shit is a way of life. It’s a culture, a way of thinking and shit that you stand on. I see n****s just abusing it by talking reckless on Twitter, putting guns up on the Internet and on Facebook and talking about what you’re gonna do to the next man. Where I’m from that’s insane… Any n**** I see tweeting about it ain’t finna really do that. If you do, you’re a straight up, damn fool.”

Although he started out as a member of the Three 6 Mafia, Juicy J has since struck out on his own. The rapper released the album Stay Trippy back in August. Yo Gotti’s album I Am, meanwhile, just hit retail shelves this week (November 9).

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