San Antonio Allegedly Takes In ‘Baby Hit Man’ [Video]

San Antonio, Texas is now allegedly taking in a known assassin, a Mexican teenager known as “Baby Hit Man.”

Born in the US, Edgar Jimenez Lugo was kidnapped at a young age to carry out assassinations for a Mexican drug cartel. He achieved his first kill at the age of 11, and has since been convicted of four gruesome murders by 14. Mexican authorities say he is now back living with his family in Texas.

The killer, known as “Baby Hit Man,” was born in San Diego and raised by his grandmother in Mexico, so he is a US citizen. Kidnapped at the age of 11 by the Mexican drug cartel, Lugo was arrested south of Mexico City and served three years in prison after four beheadings.

Even with his record of violent crimes, the US apparently has no problem with him living in San Antonio. Immigration attorney David Trevino said, “Unless he’s committed any crimes here, or charged with crimes here, there is no problem with him entering.”

Dr. Harry Croft, a specialist in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, has said that Edgar Jiminez Lugo will need some psychological help to fit in with society. He adds, “Life will go on for this young man. But life will not be as good, unless he deals with whatever it is he has to deal with.”

Part of the reason for his relocation has to do with his own safety as well. Other assassins in Mexico have been known to be murdered in the end themselves. Twelve of said Mexican hit men have been killed after being released from juvenile detention.

Edgar Jiminez Lugo might also need regular supervision to ensure he doesn’t relapse and actually commit a murder on US soil. Considering what he’s done by the age of 17, Lugo already has the experience under his belt and it would only seem familiar. He is being sent to a treatment facility to help ease his transition.

If all goes to plan, San Antonio won’t have any problems with the “Baby Hit Man” living among its population.