Carrie Underwood Defends 'Sound Of Music' Role

Carrie Underwood is defending her role in the live TV version of The Sound of Music. In the special production, the award winning country singer will take on the role of Maria von Trapp. As the role was made famous by Julie Andrews, Underwood has received a lot of criticism from fans.

The American Idol winner said she is getting a lot of negative feedback through social media. A majority of the derogatory messages point out that nobody could possibly replace Andrews in the role.

As reported by People, Underwood defended her decision to take on the role, explaining that she is well aware she could never replace Andrews:

"I know I'm not Julie... Nobody is and I would never pretend that I was … I know my place."
Most importantly, Julie Andrews is in full support of The Sound of Music Live and Carrie Underwood's role:
"Fifty years later, it's time somebody had another crack at it... I had the best time of my life doing it, and it did wonderful things for me. I think it's great that it's being done again... "
In the live production, Stephen Moyer will play the role of Captain von Trapp. The show will combine elements from the 1965 film and the original stage production. In an interview with The Tennessean, producer Neil Meron said the production "is meant to feel familiar, yet at the same time come across as new and different."

The Sound of Music is based on the memoir of the real Maria von Trapp. Although it was based on Maria's life, there are notable differences.

Maria came to the von Trapp family as a tutor for Georg's 10 children. Although she and Georg were married in 1927, the real Maria said she was not in love when she married Mr. von Trapp. She explains in a passage from her memoir:

"I really and truly was not in love. I liked him but didn't love him. However, I loved the children, so in a way I really married the children... I learned to love him more than I have ever loved before or after."
Despite the differences, The Sound of Music became a timeless classic. Carrie Underwood is proud to play the role of Maria. However, she has no delusions about replacing Julie Andrews.

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