Love And Hip Hop Recap: Peter Gunz And Tara Drama All Fake, Report Says

Love and Hip Hop drama between Peter Gunz and Tara may be gripping for viewers, but a report says it’s also very fake.

The VH1 show that chronicles of several women connected to the hip hop industry has drawn strong ratings and a dedicated set of followers, but the urban news and gossip site MediaTakeOut figured out that the show is a little too contrived.

The report noted:

“We were watching LOVE AND HIP HOP last night like the rest of y’all – thinking about how UNBELIEVABLE the interaction between Peter Gunz and Tara seemed to us.

“Then, we noticed that Tara’s hair changed – MID SCENE. Obviously they stopped taping – RE-DID HER HAIR… then continued with the scene. You know like they do on a SCRIPTED SOAP OPERA!!!”

The scene took place on Monday’s episode, the latest in a string of dramatic turns for Peter Gunz and Tara on Love and Hip Hop. Viewers watched before as Tara threw Peter out of their house and shredded his belongings with scissors.

In this week’s episode, she met up with Yandy at a gym and recounted the incident, which started with her going through Amina’s Instagram account.

“Three glasses of wine later, I’m cutting up all of Peter’s clothes,” Tara said.

“Eeeeeek,” Yandy responded.”Honestly, I’m not okay,” Tara says. “Peter and I will never be together again.”

Later, Peter Gunz catches Tara on her way to work and said he wants to be able to maintain a relationship as parents, but she didn’t seem interested.

“I need space,” she tells him.

If the drama between Peter Gunz and Tara on Love and Hip Hop is fake, it wouldn’t be the first “reality” show to blur the lines of fiction. Late last year, The Hills star Kristin Cavallari admitted that the show was “pretty fake” and all of the situations scripted.