Mariah Carey Will Have “Some Type of Role” On X-Factor

Simon Cowell on Monday announced that the very pregnant Mariah Carey would be appearing in some type of role on The X Factor when it debuts on Fox in September.

While speaking with 92.9ZZU in Spokane, Washington he said:

“I think Mariah will have a role on the TV live shows,” while adding, “I met her recently and she was on great form. And her idea was to be the judge of the judges, which only Mariah could come up with. She’ll be involved in some form. I literally adore her. I love her to bits.”

The announcement comes only a short period of time after Cowell announced that Mariah turned down a judging position on the show:

“I can tell you officially that Mariah will not be on the panel, mainly because I think she’s still gonna be pregnant at the time we start filming and she’s gonna need some time off. She couldn’t start working straight away, and they’re long days, but we’re hopeful there will be a role for her – and I’m not sure what yet – on the live shows.”

What type of role would you like to see Mariah take on The X-Factor.

With $5 million and a recording contract up for stakes, one thing is for certain, the contestants will want whoever sides with their voices.