Furby Boom: A Must For Interactive Pet Toy Collectors

You may remember Furby from years gone by, as Hasbro's cute and cuddly, interactive pet toy. This year, the Furby Boom is promising to be even better than the original with a whole host of new features.

In keeping with the original Furby, the new toy is able to respond to music, motion and voice. It also boasts an app component which is reminiscent of similar interactive pet toys.

The Furby Boom looks exactly like its predecessors, although the color schemes are a lot snazzier and visibly different. The Boom is nine inches tall and fits easily into an adult hand. Like the 2012 Furby, the Furby Boom favors LCD panels for its eyes as opposed to the lifeless plastic eyes it used to have.

The little fella also has a third eye, namely its IR sensor which can detect objects in front of it. As with other Furby's you can tickle it, pet it, swing it around and feed it via the button on its tongue.

For those pet toy enthusiasts who want to take the interaction a step further, the Furby Boom app is avaliable for iOS devices via iTunes as well as on Android via Google Play. This means that you can use your phone or tablet to interact with your Furby Boom.

Things like food can be chosen on the app and then fed to your Furby. There is also the new facility of being able to name your Furby and monitor it's vital stats.

There are also minigames on the app, such as showering or allowing your Furby to relieve itself (that includes pee and poop!) You will need to point your phone's speaker at the Furby in order to maximize the ultrasonics transmitted.

All-in-all, the new Furby Boom is a must for all you pet toy collectors and enthusiasts. It is available from most reputable retail outlets and online.