Pit Bull Attack: Dog Bites Off 5 Year Old's Penis [Video]

A pit bull attack has left a 5 year old New York boy mutilated and in serious condition. The boy suffered multiple bite wounds, lacerations and a severed penis according to his mother.

The five year old boy was visiting his aunt when he tried to climb onto the bed with the six year old pit bull when the dog snapped and attacked. The boy's aunt heard barking and screaming and rushed in to find the boy bloodied and with his penis severed. The boy was rushed to local hospitals where his penis was reattached and his wounds were attended to. His mother told News 12 that the boy would be "fine".

The apartment building where the attack occurred has strict limitations on the size of dogs allowed in the building. Apartment rules state that no dog over 25 pounds can be in the building by its owners or guests (except in the case of seeing eye dogs). The Aunt was given a citation and the dog was taken by animal control and euthanized according to the Rockland Journal News.

Pit Bulls have been a controversial breed through out the United States do to their size and muscular build. Several dog fighting rings have been uncovered in recent years where pit bulls were trained to kill each other for sport. Many times these trained fighting dogs are brought to local shelters and rehabilitated before they are adopted out, yet many of them are still unpredictable in their behavior.

The most notable case of put bulls being used to fight was when the FBI raided a compound owned by Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Vick was sentenced to more than 2 years in prison for animal cruelty and forced to return more than $100 million dollars to the Atlanta Falcons for breaching his contract.

Several cities have made it illegal to own a Pit Bull within city limits.

What do you think about pit bull attacks?