Seth Rogen And James Franco Make ‘Bound 3’ Parody, Reenact Kanye And Kim

Seth Rogen and James Franco are taking their bromance to the next level.

The friends just released “Bound 3,” their shot-for-shot parody of the Kanye West music video “Bound 2” that has he and Kim Kardashian in various stages of undress.

The video for “Bound 2,” shows Kim riding topless on a motorcycle, and riding Kanye West just as often.

In “Bound 3,” Seth Rogen takes the place of Kim Kardashian while James Franco spits out lyrics like Kanye West and lets Seth grind all over him.

The video has made the rounds since being posted to YouTube last week, with plenty of pickups on blogs and other news outlets. The two said the made the video while they were on the set for their upcoming movie The Interview, a project with a plot almost as ridiculous as the music video.

Seth Rogen teamed up with writing and directing partner Evan Goldberg to create The Interview, which looks at what happens when a talk show host ends up in the middle of a plot to assassinate the prime minister of North Korea. James Franco signed on to play the talk show host.

Rogen and Franco have worked together frequently, both breaking into show business in the late 1990s hit Freaks and Geeks and appearing together numerous times since then.

Their latest movie together, This Is The End, actually poked fun at their bromance. The movie cast the two as themselves, along with their Hollywood friends like Craig Anderson and Jonah Hill, in an Apocalyptic scenario. As the actors fought off demons and earthquakes, the romantic undertones between Rogen and Franco threatened to cause tension in the group.

Here is the Kanye West video for “Bound 2” to compare to Seth Rogen and James Franco’s effort in “Bound 3.” Be warned, both videos contain graphic language and… well, disturbing images.