Justin Bieber's 'Roller Coaster:' An Emotional But Funky Ride

Justin Bieber releases "Roller Coaster," the first uptempo and eighth single in his Music Mondays series.

The pop phenom intermittently took to Twitter before the premiere to hype up fans, but the single was released on iTunes shortly before midnight on Sunday, Nov. 25.

"Roller Coaster" sings about the up and down of a relationship that appears to have ended.

Against a thumping beat, funk bass, and synthesizers, Justin asks, "Where did we go / Nights like this don't happen anymore / I need to know / Is it me? And did I lose control?"

Reasons for the breakdown are revealed in an aptly broken down pre-chorus.

"Lonely overseas, Only memories / Wish I had the key to your heart / People come and go / Baby, they don't know / What we had before / What it felt before our eyes," Bieber croons.

Full instrumentation returns in a full-on, pop funk chorus."Roller Coaster, Roller Coaster/ Spinning all around and around for a world baby/ Roller Coaster, Roller Coaster / For a minute we were up, but the next we were falling down," he sings in strong vocal form.

So far, the Canadian's Music Mondays singles have predominantly been slow jams or mid-tempos, so the Rodney Jerkins / Julian Swirsky produced track is a welcome change of pace.

As with previous Music Mondays singles, notably "Heartbreaker," "All That Matters," and "All Bad," speculation that the songs are based on Bieber's former romance with Selena Gomez will continue with this latest offering.

Bieber, who has been experiencing some intense highs and lows this year is currently in Brisbane, Australia ahead of the final eight shows of his Believe world tour.

Talk of a "struggling tour," a trail of controversies, and appearance on GQ magazine's "25 Least Influential Celebrity 2013" list signifies current stormy weather for the teen star.

But, with over 150 Believe concerts completed during a $125 million grossing tour, 10 million plus record sales, a pile of awards, huge fan base, a well received new set, and the Believe movie-docu to come this Christmas, it seems premature to count Bieber out.

As the singer noted in this week's single description,

"Roller Coaster" is now available on iTunes. Let us know what you think in comments.

To view full lyrics, visit here.

Justin Bieber Announces And Unveils 'Rollercoaster' As Next Music Mondays Single