Justin Bieber New Music: ‘Alone,’ ‘Rollercoaster’

Justin Bieber’s new music is everywhere at the moment. Amid the ongoing Music Mondays series, a new track titled “Alone” has been released to those who pre-order tickets for the Christmas Day debuting movie-documentary Believe.

For this particular offer, tickets are available through Fandango. Purchasers are then sent a code to download the track from Amazon.

Fitting in perfectly with Bieber’s relationship-themed Music Mondays, “Alone” about a former “inseparable” couple who become distanced through work demands on the guy’s time.

Against a swing beat, wash of synthesizers and gentle guitar, the 19-year-old sings: “Our love was interrupted by my schedule,” in the verse, before mourning a once golden love in a pre-chorus.

“Cause you fell into the deepest depression, baby / And I hate to know I’m responsible / Then your heart fills up with so much aggression, baby / You got used to being alone, alone.”

A chorus loops around, “You got used to being alone. / You got used to being on your own.”

It’s not a leap to surmise Bieber is referring to the implosion of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. In that sense even though the song isn’t part of Music Mondays, it adds to that so far extended, musical tribute to the Latina.

So, you’ll be heartened to things are picking up in this Sunday’s single roll-out. A least BPM-wise.

Justin announced “Rollercoaster as his new eighth single, along with artwork on Friday (Nov. 22) as usual via his Instagram.

As with covers for previous singles, a purple on white background design features.

The image of a musical waveform with peaks and troughs simultaneously evokes the up and down movement of a rollercoaster and its physical structure.

Over the weekend, Bieber’s pal and videographer, Alfredo Flores, teased a sample lyric from the song on his Instagram account.

It read:

“One minute we were up but the next we were falling down,” which suggests thematically, at least, we’re still in relationship territory.

Justin Bieber Announces And Unveils 'Rollercoaster' As Next Music Mondays Single
Back in October, the teen star teased a preview of “Rollercoaster” via an Instagram video showing his manager Scooter Braun imitating producer Rodney Jerkins playing keys and generally getting his groove on to a playback of the song.

To date, Music Mondays offerings have predominantly been slow jams or mid-tempos. That changes come midnight on Sunday.

Check out the “Rollercoaster” teaser snippet below. Are you looking forward to hearing it in full?