Man Walking Dog Finds $100,000 Floating Down River

A man walking his dog stumbled upon $100,000 cash stashed inside a plastic bag. The bag full of money was simply floating down a UK river.

The incident occurred last month on Friday, October 25, as the unnamed individual and his pooch walked alongside the South Drove Drain, near Spalding town center in Lincolnshire, England.

After finding the money, the man called police and they retrieved the soggy cash from its watery habitat. Officers have since estimated that the cash was worth around £60,000, which equals about $96,890.

DC Steve Hull of the Spalding police, stated, “It isn’t everyday that an amount of money like this is found and somebody must have information that will help the police trace the lawful owner. I would be grateful to hear from people who have genuine information to pass on to me.”

Lincolnshire police also confirmed, “Police are intending to consult with the Bank of England for assistance with a formal inspection of the money and a final accurate count.”

It was later revealed that some of the notes were beyond repair due to water damage. However, most of the money is still in good condition and can be used as legal tender.

Police are now considering whether to conduct a forensic examination to help with their investigation. Unfortunately for any shifty folk out there, you will need to be able to categorically prove the money is yours before any of the floating fortune is returned to you.

Until then, police are set to hold onto the funds, and if it’s unable to “be reunited with a legitimate owner, then it will become the subject of a further court forfeiture order.”

You can check out further images of the huge cash bundle below:


Last week, a Rabbi returned $96,000 that he found inside a desk he had bought on Craigslist.

CNN reported, “Without detaching the desk, this money, which was behind the drawers, was totally inaccessible.” Upon the discovery of the vast sum of money, Rabbi Noah Muroff, who works and resides in Connecticut, simply turned to his wife and they both began to laugh.”

The woman who had sold the table to Muroff was speechless upon being reunited with her money, and admitted that it was actually inheritance that she believed she had lost.

Would you have handed $100,000 into police, or reunited $96,000 with its owner if you luckily stumbled upon it?

[Images via Lincolnshire Police]