PS4 ‘Titanfall’ Not Happening, EA Explains Why

PS4 Titanfall won’t happen, much to Sony gamers’ disappointment. Electronic Arts has explained why Xbox One and PC are the only platforms the mech fighter is arriving on.

It has nothing to do with any rivalries, just to clarify. It’s all about marketing and loyalty.

The Microsoft exclusive status of Titanfall was only one of a handful of bold decisions made about Respawn’s upcoming title.

It was decided early in production that there would be no single player mode in the game after Respawn noticed an important trend in how most games are usually played.

The majority of a game’s lifespan is spent online fighting against or alongside other players, while single player mode is usually played through once to unlock weapons and other items for multiplayer mode. Instead of putting effort into a single player mode, they decided it made more sense to scrap it and focus entirely on multiplayer.

That said, PS4 Titanfall was a victim of Electronic Arts deciding to remain loyal to Microsoft, for now. It’s really nothing against Sony. Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen commented on the deal:

“That’s a process that’s been done through the industry for many years. There are lots of single-platform titles. Obviously, you work with the first-parties to make sure the economics make sense for all sides, and we made that decision on Titanfall. We’re trying to make sure that we’ve developed a great relationship with them. We helped them on marketing, we helped them on development where they need it. And we try to maintain a strong partnership with them over time.”

It has been pointed out that Microsoft does not own the rights to Titanfall. EA has stated that there is still a very real possibility of a PS4 Titanfall sequel.

With Electronic Arts in charge of production, you can bet that the sequel will be just as good, if not better. Look at Need for Speed for example. That franchise always seems to be top-notch with every release, with consumer opinion being the biggest difference.

Much like Watch Dogs, Titanfall isn’t a launch title on either console. The game is slated for a March 11, 2014 North American release on Xbox One and Europe / Australia will see their release of the game two days later. No matter which console you buy, or even if you are getting both, you’ll still be waiting a while to play EA’s mech brawler.

Just be aware there is a reason behind the absence of Titanfall on PS4, and it has nothing to do with Sony.