Space Jam 2: LeBron James Fuels Rumors Of A Sequel

Space Jam 2 is on the way and will star LeBron James in the role Michael Jordan made famous.

If you believe everything you read on Twitter, that is.

This week, the term Space Jam 2 started trending on the microblogging site, thanks in part to a Q&A session with the Miami Heat star. When asked how he felt about the movie Space Jam, James answered:

“I love that movie. Wish I could do Space Jam 2!”

The answer spurred a fan to make a fake poster for the movie, which was leaked out this week. The poster said that Space Jam 2 was due out in 2014, which many fans mistook for a real release date.

The fake Space Jam 2 rumor did add a bit of fuel to the mostly media-created feud between LeBron James and Michael Jordan. The two have been compared endlessly, and earlier this year, Jordan said he think he could beat LeBron one-on-one, but said his statements were twisted around in the media.

“It’s so much fun to talk about, but we can’t know,” Michael told “We can never know, across generations. You imagine it. You think about what might happen, particularly with the guys you think are the best of the best and then say, ‘That was fun, but we don’t know.’ I said I ‘think’ I wouldn’t lose, and people are offended by that?”

The original Space Jam was released in 1996, showing Bugs Bunny and crew taking on a crew of evil aliens who assume the bodies of NBA superstars (and, for some reason, Shawn Bradley). The Looney Tunes crew enlisted Jordan to help defeat the aliens.

The movie remains a cult hit to this day, thanks to a strange guest appearance from Bill Murray and the original Space Jam website, which is still online.

Though no Space Jam 2 is in the works, the folks at Warner Brothers now know that a real sequel would be pretty popular with fans — they just might want to update the website first.

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