Hacktivist Group 'Anonymous' Taking To The Streets To Protest Scientology

James Johnson

Anonymous, the group behind various online website and computer network attacks will be taking to the streets to protest Scientology. It's a rare move for a group that typically hides behind computer screens and keyboards.

The Anonymous vs. Scientology marches will occur on April 16 in the following cities; New York City, Irving, TX, Santa Rosa, CA, Nashville and Scientology's U.S. base, Clearwater, FL.

The group is hoping to have the practice stripped of it's tax exempt status which has been in place since the IRS recognized the organization as a religion in 1993.

Fearing for the safety of protestors in Clearwater where thousands of the "churches" members reside, protestors in that city are asked to disguise their faces for fear of retribution at a later date.

While I strongly believe in freedom of religion, after the church plead guilty many years ago to drugging, kidnapping and then extorting money from various members they should have lost all tax exempt rights and the heads of the religion should have been jailed. Shame on your IRS and while I don't say this very often, good luck Anonymous.